Summer lantern candles by Little Z Handmade

  I think these Summer Lantern Candles are a very cute design and a great idea to bring some color and light to the summer and fall evenings, especially now that it is… Continue reading

Sailor Monkey by Ana Paula Rimoli

  Don’t you think this Sailor Monkey by Ana Paula Rimoli is absolutely perfect? It is so adorable, and somehow nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. The pattern for the monkey, as… Continue reading

Peony Camisole by Justaminute

  This lovely, summery and just enough bohemian Peony Camisole has been designed by Simone Francis. For pattern, buy your copy of the Inside Crochet magazine.

Crochet a Granny Square Ball by My Material Life

Originally posted on My Material Life:
When I first discovered this ball (here and here), I was so surprised to see that you could construct a sphere from squares.  Just six are all…

Top Down Round Yoke Cardigan by milobo

  You can find the pattern for this beautiful, simply stylish Top Down Round Yoke Cardigan in milobo Ravelry page.

Domino Shawl by Facile Cécile

  There is something very attractive about the Domino Shawl from Facile Cécile, the shell pattern, the surprising but beautiful combination of colors.. The whole shawl looks amazing. Cécile’s blog displays a lot… Continue reading

Stumpy the Giraffe by nutsaboutcrochet13

  I love the dots, the proportions and the tiny bead eyes of Stumpy the Giraffe by nutsaboutcrochet13. You can find the pattern of this super cute amigurumi here.

Super easy cowl tutorial by

I saw a type of short, beautiful yellow cowl on a stylish young lady in Porvoo, Finland, and immediately wanted one as well. It seemed to me simple enough to make, and it… Continue reading

Baby Bunnies by PlanetJune

PlanetJune has designed and offers a pattern of three different kind of baby bunnies. Which one is your favourite? :)

Hobbit Hat by Mittenmade

  Do you wish we could wear the same clothes as in Lord of the Rings? Mittenmade offers a cute crochet Hobbit Hat pattern in their Etsy shop. And your trip to Mount… Continue reading

Square crochet floor cushions by Yalotar

I really want to try out this Square crochet floor cushions tutorial by Yalotar!

1-Inch Navy Blue Muppet Micro Amigurumi by LamLinh

  Recently I have been fascinated by tiny crochet. I have been crocheting with a 0,75 size hook, and I have to say it does take some patience! The pictured incredible Blue Muppet Micro… Continue reading

Amigurumi Hedgehog Baby by ByMarika

  Here is another unique amigurumi whose face made me smile! You can purchase the Amigurumi Hedgehog Baby Toy tutorial on ByMarika Etsy page.

This blog will be about origami now

Just kidding! Although origami is pretty cool and in many ways alike to crochet. You do things with your hands, the end result is beautiful, surprising and looks nothing like the material you… Continue reading

Crochet Owl and Matching Blanket by NadinesDreams

  I was, of course, sold as soon as I saw this owl on NadinesDreams Etsy shop! I think this combo with matching blanket would make the perfect crafty baby shower gift. You… Continue reading

Iron Man Gloves by Element Crafts

What a cool idea! Iron Man Gloves by Element Crafts.

Jordan Sleeveless Pineapple Top by Vicky Chan

  It was truly very difficult to pick just one pattern to feature from the Vicky Chan patterns. The reason I picked the Jordan Sleeveless Pineapple Top (pattern) is because I have been… Continue reading

The Fox Face by Minazara

  The pattern for this Fox Face ornament is available on Minazara Ravelry shop. I love the idea and minimalism of the design!

Teardrop Bag by Aimarro Patterns

  I love unique bags and purses. Especially, if I can make them myself! This very cool Teardrop Bag design is created by Aimarro Patterns and the pattern is available in Aimarro Patterns Ravelry… Continue reading

Kira the Kangaroo by Lalylala

Have you heard of Lalylala? If not, and if you love cute crochet, please go there immediately! Lydia is designing the most amazing, imaginative and surreal crochet dolls. Here is one of my… Continue reading

Aviator / Bomber Hat by Simply Made By Erin

  Is there a little boy in your family who is dreaming to become a pilot one day? This would be a super cute retro gift for him! Aviator Bomber Hat pattern available… Continue reading

Siamese Kitten by Jaravee

  In the theme of super cute amigurumi animals, here is a very cute Siamese Kitten pattern by Jaravee. Check out also the Bull Terrier Puppy pattern here!

Stripey elephant by

  Inspired by some super cool stripey elephants I have seen on the internet, I made a tiny elephant of my own.

Zoo Animals by Janagurumi

  Would you like to start your own amigurumi zoo? I think that would make a very cool project / crochet-along! You can find the pattern for these cute Zoo Animal amigurumis in… Continue reading

Summer Scalloped Shrug by TrulyHooked

There is something very feminine and elegant in lacy shrugs and shawls, and lacy crochet is definitely in this year, which is awesome. You may get your pattern for Summer Scalloped Shrug on the… Continue reading

Crochet Penguin Pillow by Peanutbutterdynamite

I love this Chelsea the Penguin Pillow! So round, so adorable! The pillow can be purchased in the Peanutbutterdynamite Etsy shop, alongside with other super cute pillows..

Little Mouse by TheStitchAndFold

  This button-eyed, super cute Little Mouse can be purchased in TheStitchAndFold Etsy shop here.

Ocean Samba Skirt by Sea Snail Shell

  This Ocean Samba Skirt by Sea Snail Shell combines techniques of hairpin lace crochet and knitting. Just looking at this picture makes me want to learn these techniques. For pattern, check Sea… Continue reading

Neem mee haaktasje by Ess Specially

Organization is very important. It is wonderful to take crochet projects with you on road trips, holidays and long train rides. However, it is crucial to 1) not have all your yarn entangled… Continue reading

Granny’s Paperweight Crochet Blanket by Ericka Eckles

Truly beautiful african flower hexagon banket! Granny’s Paperweight Crochet Blanket.

Screech Owl Crochet Applique by CAROcreated

  I think my favourite thing about these owls is their facial impressions (quite pondersome). I can almost hear them screeching on their branch! Please find the pattern for Screech Owl Applique in… Continue reading

Hexagons Are My Stars tutorial by DanielaH

  Check out the tutorial on how to make these super cute crochet star ornaments out of hexagons on DanielaH Ravelry page!

Pansy pattern by Carola Ellen

  I, personally, love pansies. I think Carola Ellen has really managed to capture the colorfulness, shape and cheerfulness of these tiny flowers. You can find the pattern here.  A great way to… Continue reading

Kaleidoscope Fingerless Mitts by The Busiest Bee

  Summer nights can be amazing, but a bit chilly. Luckily, we have some awesome crochet hand warmer designs to choose from! Here is a beautiful, colorful design of Kaleidoscope Fingerless Mitts by… Continue reading

Owl Basket by Crochet Ever After

  This very cool – and practical – Owl Basket has been designed by Crochet Ever After. The pattern is available on Crochet Ever After Ravelry page.

Noodle The Elephant by Irene Strange

This Noodle The Elephant design by Irene Strange incorporates the usual amigurumi single crochet stitch with the granny square type of pattern, and the end result is super adorable. Pattern available here!

Shark Sock Slippers by Stacie71

I personally find these Shark Sock Slippers cute and super funny at the same time. Pattern can be found in the Stacie71 Etsy shop.

The Three Dozen Apple Bag by Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs

  Raise your hand who hates plastic bags! I certainly do. With this great Three Dozen Apple Bag pattern by Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs, you can make your own re-usable, colorful shopping bags.… Continue reading

Amigurumi Snail by TinyAmigurumi

  I like this Amigurumi Snail by TinyAmigurumi, because it applies a cool colorful spiral idea for the shell, and I love the antennae! Crocheted snails are very handy. They are quick to… Continue reading

Tooterphants Amigurumi by Lucyravenscar

I had never heard of tooterphants before this, but now I think I want one! Pattern to these cute Amigurumi Tooterphants can be found here.

DJ Hat by EdithCrochet

  How cute is this EdithCrochet design for a little boy hat? You can purchase your own from the EdithCrochet shop here.

How to crochet: How to crochet broomstick lace?

Crocheting this beautiful stitch is really not as difficult as it may appear. It is a bit slow in the beginning, but the end result is quite beautiful, and looks amazing on a… Continue reading

Rainbow Crochet Shrug by BernioliesDesigns

  Summer is a great time because you get to wear lighter, more delicate and feminine things. I like the lacy and a little festive appearance of this Rainbow Crochet Shrug by BernioliesDesigns,… Continue reading

Crocheted Airship by NeedleNoodles

  I always get excited when I see crochet used in an unexpected way, making unexpected items, or using unexpected themes. This adorable Crocheted Airship pattern can be found in the NeedleNoodles Etsy… Continue reading

Skull Skirtguard by Cycleskirtshop

Cycleskirtshop offers a fashionable solution to avoid entanglement when cycling around in skirts. Skull Skirtguard can be purchased here.

Crochet Owl Pillow by JOsCrocheteria

  I think we can all agree that owls are awesome. As well as the african flower hexagons. This Crochet Owl Pillow combines both. Pattern available in the JOsCrocheteria Etsy shop.

Galactic Orbits Top by ElevenHandmade

  I like the idea of circular crochet that creates the non-symmetrical effect in the Galactic Orbits Top. This summer crochet tops are very fashionable, and this design definitely brings a unique twist… Continue reading

Hammock Nest Newborn Infant Photo Prop by PoshPatterns

  I see babies everywhere nowadays, not sure what is up with Sweden, everyone decided to go and make babies at the same time? :) If the same is happening in your friend… Continue reading

Tshirt yarn carpet by

  I had a vacation, which was efficiently used for crochet purposes in the sunshine. The simple pattern to get flat carpet works like this: 1 dc into each, through back loop only,… Continue reading

Finnish Midsummer

  In case you were wondering, this is what Finnish Midsummer looks like around midnight, in the perfect location.